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Cold Rolling Texture of Ni-Based L12 Ordered Intermetallic Alloys
Yasuyuki KanenoAkira TakahashiTakayuki Takasugi
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2006 Volume 47 Issue 6 Pages 1485-1491


Cold rolling textures of three kinds of Ni-based intermetallic alloys with L12 ordered structure (i.e., Ni3(Si,Ti), Ni3Al, and Ni3Fe) were investigated by the orientation distribution function (ODF). For comparison, the rolling texture of pure nickel with fcc disordered structure was also determined. The rolling textures of the 70% and 90% cold-rolled L12 alloys as well as fcc nickel are composed of the α-fiber ({011}⟨100⟩ (G) − {011}⟨211⟩ (Bs)) and β-fiber ({112}⟨111⟩ (C) − {123}⟨634⟩ (S) − {011}⟨211⟩ (Bs)) components, but the {011}⟨211⟩ (Bs) (and also the {011}⟨100⟩ (G)) orientation is remarkable in the L12 alloys while the {123}⟨634⟩ (S) (and also the {112}⟨111⟩ (C)) orientation is prominent in fcc nickel. Moreover, the intensity of rolling texture in the L12 alloys depended on materials (i.e., constituent elements). The observed rolling texture of the L12 ordered alloys was discussed in terms of cross slips of extended dislocations whose width was estimated by the energies of stacking-fault-like defect (SFLD) (i.e., antiphase boundary (APB) in the case of L12 ordered structure and stacking fault (SF) in the case of fcc disordered structure).

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