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Vol. 47 (2006) No. 9 P 2131-2136



The effect of the novel foaming agent, calcium carbonate in comparison with the conventional titanium hydride on structure and energy absorbing ability of the aluminium based foams was studied. Mechanical testing Alporas foams of Al and wrought alloy Al-5.5Zn-3Mg-0.6Cu-0.5Mn (similar to alloy 7075) doped by small amount (<0.6 mass%) of Sc and Zr was undertaken under compression with static strain rate of 1.5·10−3 s−1. The influence of Ca additive on the cell wall structure and deformation behaviour of two kinds of the foams was recognised. Significant advantages in mechanical performance of the aluminium foams processed with CaCO3 were found and attributed to fine cellular structure and favourable microstructure of the cell wall material.

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