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Grain Contrast Imaging in UHV SLEEM
Šárka MikmekováMiloš HovorkaIlona MüllerováOnd\\v{r}ej ManLibor Pant\\v{e}lejevLud\\v{e}k Frank
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2010 Volume 51 Issue 2 Pages 292-296


Study of the grain structure in the equal channel angular pressing processed copper by means of the cathode lens equipped ultrahigh vacuum scanning low energy electron microscope is reported. The grain contrast was found achieving its maximum at electron energies below about 30 eV where it alternated its sign and exhibited dependence on electron energy specific for the grain orientation. The energy dependence of the electron reflectance seemed to be capable of serving as a fingerprint enabling determination of the crystalline orientation. In the cathode lens mode at hundreds of eV fine details of the microstructure are also observable including twins and low angle grain boundaries. This is explained by acquisition of high-angle backscattered slow electrons, normally not acquired in standard scanning electron microscopes. The very low energy electron reflectance is promising as an alternative to the EBSD method owing to its high resolution and fast data acquisition.

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