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Electrical Properties and Interface States of Rare-Earth Metal Ytterbium Schottky Contacts to p-Type InP
V. Rajagopal ReddyL. Dasaradha RaoV. JanardhanamMin-Sung KangChel-Jong Choi
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2013 Volume 54 Issue 12 Pages 2173-2179


The electronic parameters and interface state properties of Yb/p-InP Schottky diode have been investigated by current–voltage (IV), capacitance–voltage–frequency (CVf) and conductance–voltage–frequency (GVf) measurements at room temperature. The barrier height and ideality factor of the Yb/p-InP Schottky diode are found to be 0.68 eV (IV)/0.79 eV (CV) and 1.24, respectively. As well, the values of barrier heights, ideality factors and series resistance are estimated by Cheung and Norde methods are compared. Under forward bias conditions, ohmic and space charge limited conduction (SCLC) mechanisms are identified at low and higher voltages, respectively. The CV characteristics of the Yb/p-InP Schottky diode are also measured at different frequencies at room temperature. Further, the Cf and Gf measurements of the Yb/p-InP Schottky diode are performed at various biases. The interface state density Nss and relaxation time τ of the diode are estimated from the Cf and Gf measurements. The Nss and the τ show a decrease with bias from the top of the valence band toward the midgap. The profile of series resistance dependent on frequency and voltage confirms the presence of interface states in Yb/p-InP Schottky structure.

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