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Synthesis of Lu2O3:Eu3+ Luminescent Ceramic Powder Embedded in SiO2 Matrix
María Luz Carrera JotaMargarita García HernándezAntonieta García MurilloFelipe de Jesús Carrillo RomoErnesto Rivera BecerrilAngel de Jesús Morales RamírezHaggeo Desirena EnrriquezElder de la Rosa Cruz
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2014 Volume 55 Issue 12 Pages 1867-1871


In the present work, the effect of SiO2 was analyzed in different molar ratios (Lu : Si = 4 : 1, 6 : 1, 8 : 1, 10 : 1 and 1 : 0), in order to prepare SiO2 embedded Lu2O3:Eu3+ sol-gel luminescent powders, from a modified PVP-containing solution. The crystalized SiO2 embedded Lu2O3:Eu3+ powders were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy revealing the presence of high intensity bands associated with siloxanes groups at 700°C, which could indicate a cross-linked Si-O groups to Lu2O3:Eu3+. X-ray diffraction results showed that cubic phase was present in the powder heat treated at 500°C and remained up to 700°C. The powders SiO2 embedded Lu2O3:Eu3+ powders in molar ratio Lu:Si 4 : 1 and 10 : 1 masked the crystallinity of glass ceramic. The SiO2 effect on the morphology of the glass ceramic systems was monitored by scanning electron microscopy observations, from these results homogenous particles were obtained for Lu:Si 6 : 1 and 8 : 1 systems. Photoluminescence studies showed that adding silica to the ceramic systems increases the typical emission to around λem = 611 nm.

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