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Vol. 56 (2015) No. 7 p. 1127-1132



The aim of this study is to explore the two different constituents of submicron-sized copper and chromium powders as Cr50Cu50 alloy materials. The research imposes various vacuum hot-press sintering temperatures (950°C, 1000°C, 1050°C and 1100°C) and pressures maintained at 12 MPa for 1 h, respectively. The experimental results show that the optimal parameters for the hot-press sintering of Cr50Cu50 alloys are 1050°C at 12 MPa for 1 h. The relative density reaches 96.09% and the apparent porosity decreases to 0.12%. Moreover, the hardness and TRS (transverse rupture strength) values increase to HV0.2 198.82 (HRB 91.07) and 910.04 MPa, respectively. The results of this study also indicate that the closed pores are effectively reduced and the mechanical properties of the Cr50Cu50 alloys are dramatically improved by increasing the temperature of the hot-press sintering process. Moreover, the optimal hot-press sintered Cr50Cu50 alloys also possess a dense microstructure and good electrical conductivity. The resistivity is decreased to 5.89 × 10−6 Ω·cm and the ICAS is enhanced to 29.27%.

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