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The Microstructure of Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 Alloy with Long-Period Stacking Ordered Structure
Zhi-chao XuZhong-xue FengQing-nan ShiYing-xiang YangXiao-qi Wang
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2017 Volume 58 Issue 6 Pages 862-867


The microstructure of an Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 alloy prepared by directional solidification (DS), synchronized with a long-period (LPSO) structure were systematically investigated using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopy. The formation of 14H-type LPSO was observed to be accompanied by stacking faults. The lamellar 14H-type LPSO structure and stacking faults were both formed on (0001)α-Mg habit plane and grew along [1210]α-Mg direction in Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 alloy prepared by DS. These findings demonstrated that the stacking faults have a great effect on crystal growth in LPSO structure. The stacking faults nucleation were proposed to explain the growth of LPSO in DS. For the DS polycrystals, the LPSO exhibited a lamellar shape, whose unit cell was composed of two twin-related building blocks (ABCA-type and ACBA-type) which determined the physical and chemical properties of Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 alloy. There were three atomic layers between two building blocks. The clusters were observed in the 14H-type LPSO which played an important role on building blocks. Furthermore, the two building blocks arranged in opposite shear direction is 68.7°. Based on the present study, an atom model Mg142Zn12Y16, which considered as the characteristic structure of 14H-type LPSO in Mg98.5Zn0.5Y1 alloy prepared by DS, was constructed. The atomic model were verified by simulation. The simulated diffraction patterns were consistent with the experimental pattern.

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