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Application of Jig Separation for Pre-Concentration of Low-Grade Scheelite Ore
Sang-Ho BaekHo-Seok Jeon
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2018 年 59 巻 3 号 p. 494-498


Jig separation, one of the oldest methods of gravity separation, is commonly used to reduce the costs of subsequent processes by pre-concentrating the valuable minerals from the product following coarse particle crushing. In this study, jig separation was used to pre-concentrate scheelite prior to grinding for the next process. Experiments were carried out using 0.21 to 5 mm samples, in order to determine and evaluate optimal conditions by varying factors, including the thickness of the bed, the water flow rate and the number of scavenging. The results of the experiments show that when pre-concentration of low-grade scheelite ore (0.75% WO3) using jig separation is conducted, a concentrate with a mass percentage of about 22.0%, a WO3 grade of about 3.1% and WO3 recovery of about 90.0% can be obtained. It is therefore expected that when this concentrate is supplied to the next separation process, the grade, economic feasibility, and separation efficiency will be improved compared with separations that do not involve a pre-concentration.

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