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Microstructure of Materials
Comparison of In Situ SEM and TEM Observations of Thermoelastic Martensitic Transformation in Ti–Ni Shape Memory Alloy
Y. SoejimaA. HeimaH. AkamineT. InamuraM. Nishida
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2020 年 61 巻 11 号 p. 2107-2114


To quantitatively understand the thin foil effect in in situ observations of the B2 to B19′ transformation in Ti–Ni alloy, the microstructure of the B19′ martensite in thin foil and bulk specimens was compared. The transformation temperatures decreased with decreasing specimen thickness. There were large habit plane variants more than several tens of micrometers in size in the area of the specimen less than 10 µm thick. The critical thicknesses for reproducing the transformation behavior in the bulk material was about 20 µm based on the self-accommodation morphology and 4 µm based on the twin width ratio of the 〈011〉 type II twin.

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