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Materials Chemistry
Reduction of Titanium Dioxide to Metallic Titanium by Thermal Decomposition via Titanium Disulfide
Ichiro Seki
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2021 年 62 巻 10 号 p. 1533-1540


We have earlier reported the synthesis of metallic titanium ingot by thermal decomposition process using titanium nitride (TiN) as the intermediate material, with a significant low decomposition temperature of approximately 3500 K. The present study reports the manufacturing process of metallic titanium ingot via thermal decomposition using titanium sulfides (TiSX) as intermediate materials: decomposition temperature of one of the titanium sulfides, TiS, is approximately 4000 K. The thermal decomposition was performed by an arc-flame in a conventional arc melting equipment. The reduced product exhibiting a lustrous surface is analyzed by XRD, and is matched with diffraction pattern of metallic titanium.

Fig. 10 Schematic flowchart of the commercial and presented processes of the metallic titanium ingot manufacturing. Fullsize Image
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