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Electrical Wire Explosion of Cr-Coated Ti Wire in N2 Gas
Wonbaek KimSujeong LeeChang-yul SuhSung-wook ChoTaegong RyuJe-shin ParkIn-Jin Shon
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Cr-coated Ti wire was electrically exploded in N2 gas. The diameter of Ti wire was 0.289 mm and the thickness of Cr coating was 0.033 mm, which corresponds to the average composition of about 25 at% Cr. X-ray diffraction and FE-TEM study revealed that the explosion products consisted of cube-shaped TiN, sphere-shaped Cr2N, and clusters of extremely fine particles. The average particle size of TiN and Cr2N was about 35 and 38 nanometers, respectively. The size of the fine particles was small as a few nanometers and clustered heavily. Therefore, it was not possible to examine individually. The particles contained about 28 at% Cr. In some part of the high resolution TEM image, cubic structure could be recognized. The lattice parameter of the particles calculated assuming cubic structure was smaller than TiN and larger than CrN. As a result, it was concluded that the fine particles are (Ti,Cr)N.

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