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Dehydriding Property of LiBH4 Combined with Mg2FeH6
Guanqiao LiMotoaki MatsuoStefano DeleddaRyutaro SatoBjørn C. HaubackShin-ichi Orimo
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A dehydriding property of xLiBH4 + (1 − x)Mg2FeH6 (x = 0.1–0.83) was investigated. The dehydriding reactions of pure LiBH4 and Mg2FeH6 start at approximately 650 and 450 K, and 12.5 and 4.3 mass% hydrogen are released, respectively. The property drastically changes by combining LiBH4 and Mg2FeH6. Within the composition range 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.5, LiBH4 and Mg2FeH6 simultaneously release hydrogen. The reaction temperatures and quantities of released hydrogen alter with x. The lattice parameter of the Mg2FeH6 phase measured by in-situ high-resolution synchrotron diffraction measurements suggest the possibility of forming LixMg2−2x(BH4)x(FeH6)1−x with both double-cation and double-anion.

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