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Processing and Mechanical Properties of a Tricalcium Phosphate-Dispersed Magnesium-Based Composite
Hiroyuki WatanabeNaoko IkeoToshiji Mukai
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A magnesium matrix composite comprising Mg–0.5 mass%Ca and 10 vol.% β-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) particles was processed with the aim of developing biodegradable material. The composite was produced by extruding a mixture of two component powders at 538 K. The matrix of the extruded composite comprised fine equiaxed grains (grain size: 1.3 µm). Moreover, isolated β-TCP particles and agglomerated particles (size: 10–15 µm) were observed. Owing to grain refinement, the composite exhibited a high yield strength (>300 MPa) at room temperature and behaved in a superplastic manner at ∼548 K.

Fig. 8 Inverse pole figure (IPF) maps (a) and (b) and IPFs (c) and (d) of the X0/β-TCP/10p composite before (a) and (c) and after (b) and (d) deformation at 548 K to a true plastic strain of ε = −0.5. Cross-sectional planes perpendicular to the extrusion direction were examined. The IPFs correspond to the extrusion/compression direction. Fullsize Image
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