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High Temperature Deformation and Microstructure Evolution of Ni–Co Base Superalloy TMW-4M3
Takaaki HaraToshiki IshidaKatsunari Oikawa
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: MT-MBW2019002


The high temperature deformation and microstructure evolution of Ni–Co base superalloy TMW-4M3 during the isothermal forging process were studied. A uniform compression test of TMW-4M3 where both the strain rate and compression temperature were controlled showed dynamic recrystallization flow stress. The peak stress and steady stress of the deformation resistance curve were characterized with the Zener-Hollomon parameter. The average grain size after dynamic recrystallization was also correlated with the Zener-Hollomon parameter, but this relationship changed with compression temperature. We found that this temperature dependency was related to the pinning effect of the γ′ precipitates in the γ matrix and proposed a new prediction model for dynamic recrystallization grain size considering not only the Zener-Hollomon parameter but also the volume fraction of the γ′ precipitates. This enables us to calculate the average grain size after isothermal forging within an error of 12%.

Fig. 14 Prediction accuracy of developed numerical model for dynamic recrystallization grain size considering pinning effect. Fullsize Image
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