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Effect of Thermo-mechanical Treatment on Shape Memory Characteristics in a Ti-40Ni-10Cu (at%) Alloy
Tae Hyun NamToshio SaburiKen’ichi Shimizu
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1991 Volume 32 Issue 9 Pages 814-820


The effect of thermo-mechanical treatment on the shape memory characteristics in a Ti-40Ni-10Cu (at%) alloy has been investigated by means of electrical resistivity measurement, differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction and the thermal cycling test under constant load. The following results are obtained. (1) The transformation occurs in two stages, i.e., B2\ ightleftarrowsB19\ ightleftarrowsB19′, in both the thermo-mechanically treated and fully annealed conditions; (2) both the B2→B19 and B19→B19′ transformation start temperatures, Ms′ and Ms, are increased by thermo-mechanical treatments; (3) the transformation hysteresis and maximum recoverable elongation associated with the B2\ ightleftarrowsB19 transformation is increasd from 11 to 16 K and from 3.2 to 3.7%, respectively, by thermo-mechanical treatments; (4) the recoverable transformation elongation is obtained even under the applied stress of 162.8 MPa in the thermo-mechanically treated condition, while considerably large residual elongation starts to appear at about 90 MPa in the fully annealed condition.

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