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A case report of eye-injury caused by cervical gland venom of a snake, Rhabdophis tigrinus (Boie)
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1989 Volume 40 Issue 3 Pages 211-212


A case report of eye-injury accidentally caused by the cervical gland venom from a snake, Rhabdophis tigrinus was described. The male patient was one of the authors of this report, aged 36 years, who was injured at his right eye during handling snakes captured for his laboratory work. About 5min after the accident, very frequent blinks followed by massive epiphora occurred in the injured eye. He recognized strong conjunctival injection with foreigh-body sensation in the eye. Irrigation with tap water had no effect, but repeated irrigation with a commercial eye-lotion reduced the symptoms. Three hours later, he could open the right eye, although corneal opacity disturbed his vision. Conjunctival injection disappeared within 4hr, but strong foreign-body sensation still remained. He was diagnosed at hospital as descemetitis with corneal opacity by the snake venom entered the eye. He was treated with chloramphenicol- and flavineadenin dinucleotide ointments. Clinical symptoms improved rapidly and disappeared within 3 days.

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