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Molecular Science
Vol. 10 (2016) No. 1 p. A0088-




We performed femtosecond reflection spectroscopy on a series of perovskite-type cobalt oxide, RBaCo2O6-δ (R = Sm, Gd, and Tb). The transient reflectivity as well as the optical conductivity just after photoirradiation shows ultrafast change within the time resolution (ca. 120 fs) at room temperature, implying appearance of a hidden state different from the high temperature phase. The transferred spectral weight in the optical conductivity by the photoexcitation sensitively depends on the R-species. i.e., transfer of the d electron. Recent theoretical treatment which quantitatively succeeded in reproducing the transfer dependence of the excited state indicates that the photoirradiation causes locally ferromagnetic state via double-exchange interaction between the injected hole and spins of Co ion, which can be viewed as a novel example of photoinduced phase transition.

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