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Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences
Vol. 5 (2006) No. 4 P 207-210



Technical Notes

One diagnostic criterion for metabolic syndrome is obesity from the accumulation of visceral fat; others include abdominal circumference and area of visceral fat as measured by computed tomography (CT) at the umbilical level. We evaluated visceral fat using frequency-selective excitation magnetic resonance (MR) imaging SPAIR (spectral attenuation with inversion recovery) water suppression THRIVE (3D T1-high resolution isotropic volume examination). Fifty of 70 slices with 2-mm interval were used to render and measure volume of visceral fat ranging within 10 cm of the umbilicus; the area of visceral fat at the umbilical level was also measured. Imaging was completed using breath hold within 14 s. Image processing was easier than using CT.

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