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Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan
Vol. 35 (2011) No. 3 P 199-202




  We fabricated magnetophotonic crystals (MPCs) used in electric field driven magneto-optical spatial light modulators (e-MOSLMs) with a paramagnetic garnet, which is transparent in the blue wavelength region and has a sufficient Faraday rotation angle for several applications including hologram data storage, three-dimensional displays, and optical correlators. The e-MOSLM is composed of two dielectric mirrors and one defect layer comprising magneto-optic (MO) material and electro-optic (EO) material, which controls the localized wavelength due to the change in the refractive index. The e-MOSLM utilizing MPCs allows us to use thin film paramagnetic materials, i.e., a terbium gallium garnet (TGG) and a terbium aluminum garnet (TAG), instead of a rare-earth iron garnet (RIG) because the direction of magnetization does not need to be controlled in the MO layer. We fabricated TGG thin films and MPCs with the structure of a SGGG substrate/(Ta2O5/SiO2)6/TGG/(SiO2/Ta2O5)6 by rf-magnetron sputtering. The sample produced localized peaks in the photonic band gap of the transmission spectra and an enhanced Faraday rotation angle. These results indicate that e-MOSLMs comprising an MPC with a TGG defect layer can be useful devices at the blue wavelength.

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