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Spin Electronics
Excitation of Continuous Magnetostatic Surface Spin Wavein Ferromagnetic Thin Films
N. SatoK. SekiguchiY. Nozaki
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2013 年 37 巻 3-2 号 p. 214-217


  Spin waves are promising phenomenon for the future spintronic devices. The stable excitation of continuous spin wave is crucial technology for the realization of the signal processing devices. To obtain the basic characteristics of continuously excited spin wave, we fabricated asymmetric transmission antennas on a Ni81Fe19 thin film in order to excite and detect the signal of continuous spin waves. By controlling an external magnetic field and an rf magnetic field, we observed a waveform of propagating spin wave in time domain. We examined the stability of magnetostatic spin wave waveforms by analyzing the time domain signals, and proved that the signals keep clear sinusoidal waveform up to 20μm propagation distance. The monochromaticity of excited wave was investigated by calculating Fourier spectrum, showing a narrower full width half maximum (FWHM) than the previously used pulse excitation method.

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