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Power Magnetics
Increase in High-Frequency Magnetic Fields due to Parallel Coils Added to Applicator for Hyperthermia Therapy
S. YamadaY. IkehataR. HayashiT. UenoM. Kakikawa
ジャーナル オープンアクセス

2015 年 39 巻 2 号 p. 80-84


  Induction heating type hyperthermia is important area of fusion research in engineering and medicine because of its use as a less invasive cancer therapy. The generation of high-frequency and high-level magnetic fields is a key research issue that will determine the practicality of the medical treatment. We previously proposed double pancake-type coils with wireless transmission. The system generated high-frequency magnetic fields with more than 200 kHz×mT on a human scale apparatus. To increase the amplitude of the magnetic field and to decrease losses in exciting coils, we proposed the use of parallel coils that have a special structure consisting of Litz wire. The parallel coils are designed to be connected by wireless transmission instead of a simple parallel connection. This paper discusses the equilibrium of currents on an applicator with wireless transmission that was obtained through simulations and experiments.

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