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Magnetic Recording
MnGa Film with (001) Texture Fabricated on Thermally Oxidized Si Substrate Using CoGa Buffer Layer
Y. MiwaD. OshimaT. KatoS. Iwata
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2020 Volume 44 Issue 5 Pages 117-121


  (001)-oriented MnGa films were grown on thermally oxidized Si substrates using CoGa buffer layers by the magnetron sputtering method. The deposition and annealing temperatures of the CoGa buffer layer were optimized to improve (001)-orientation of the MnGa layer. As a result, a saturation magnetization of 290 emu/cc was obtained when CoGa was sputter-deposited at 400 ˚C and post-annealed at 700 ˚C. This saturation magnetization was almost equal to that of MnGa grown on an MgO(001) substrate. The (001)-oriented MnGa film grown on the Si substrate had surface roughness compared to that grown on MgO(001) due to the high temperature annealing of the CoGa layer. Improvement of surface flatness is necessary for applications to magnetic memory and storage such as magnetic tunnel junctions and bit patterned media.

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