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Magnetic Recording
Magnetization Analysis of Magnetic Nanowire Memory Utilizing Two Recording Metal Wires for Low Current Recording
K. OguraM. TakahashiN. NakataniN. IshiiY. Miyamoto
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2022 Volume 46 Issue 1 Pages 6-9


  We have developed magnetic nanowire memories with no mechanical moving parts in order to achieve the large-capacity and ultra-high data transfer rates required for spatial imaging three-dimensional television (3D-TV). In a magnetic nanowire, binary information is recorded by means of a magnetic field induced by two recording wires that are orthogonally fabricated above the nanowire. We simulated the magnetic domain formation process and found that it was formed stably in a magnetic nanowire when we utilized two recording wires. In addition, by adding a certain time difference to the current, the magnetic domains were formed with low current density. We analyzed the behavior inside the magnetic nanowire and found that magnetization reversal can be achieved at low current density when torque is applied at the appropriate time during the precession of the magnetic moment.

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