Journal of the Society of Inorganic Materials, Japan
Online ISSN : 2185-4378
ISSN-L : 1345-3769
藤 正督小林 秀樹武井 孝渡辺 徹近沢 正敏渡辺 立彦田辺 克幸
ジャーナル フリー

2000 年 7 巻 284 号 p. 13-18


The existence of hydroxide ion and inner water of colloidal calcium carbonate was confirmed, and those properties were investigated. It was confirmed that one particle of the colloidal calcium carbonate was a solitary crystal of the calcite from the TEM observation and the ED measurement. A surface hydroxide ion, a crystal internal hydroxide ion, and crystal inner water were evaluated from the FT-IR measurement and the XRD measurement. As a result, the following conclusions were obtained. It was confirmed that a surface hydroxide ion and crystal inner water existed in colloidal calcium carbonate. It has been realized that the surface hydroxide ion is a free type hydroxide ion without hydrogen bond among them. Moreover, it was suggested that the surface hydroxide ion be a base property from exchange adsorptivity.

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