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Crystal Structure of a Novel Iron-Cobalt Phosphate Fluoride
Ranbo YUDan WANGTakahiro TAKEIHitoshi KOIZUMINobuhiro KUMADANobukazu KINOMURA
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2002 Volume 9 Issue 297 Pages 99-104


A mixed-transitional metal phosphate fluoride containing iron and cobalt in a 1 : 1 ratio, FeCo (PO4) F, has been synthesized by hydrothermal means and structurally characterized via single crystal X-ray diffraction. Along the c axis of the structure, corner-sharing Fe (1) O4F and Fe (2) O4F trigonal bipyramids link via oxygen bridges to form chains, while Co (1) O4F2 octahedra and Co (2) O4F trigonal bipyramids connect each other to form chains by sharing the common edge of O…F and the corner of O alternately. The chains of Fe and Co coordination polyhedra are further connected via oxygen and fluorine bridges, as well as phosphate groups to give a three-dimensional framework structure.

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