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Short Communication
Erysiphe ruyongzhengiana sp. nov., a new powdery mildew species on Aristolochia debilis, belonging to the Erysiphe aquilegiae clade
Li LiuLin-Chong HuiShou-Rong YuYu LiShu-Yan Liu
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2022 年 63 巻 4 号 p. 169-175


Powdery mildew was found on Aristolochia debilis (Aristolochiaceae) in Jiangsu Province and Shandong Province, China. This fungus is characterized by having long conidiophore foot-cells which are straight or curved at the base, and chasmothecia with numerous appendages. Phylogenetic analysis using internal transcribed spacer sequences showed that five sequences on A. debilis determined in this study and two sequences retrieved from Erysiphe sp. on A. debilis formed an independent cluster within the Erysiphe aquilegiae clade with 58% bootstrap support. This powdery mildew differs from allied species of the E. aquilegiae clade in producing longer conidia and conidiophores with longer foot-cells, which are often curved at the base. Morphological observations and molecular phylogenetic analysis revealed a new powdery mildew species, described as Erysiphe ruyongzhengiana.

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