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II. Dynamics and Optimization
On a Singular Solution in Higgs Field(II) —The Structure of SM Higgs Boson
Kazuyoshi KITAZAWA
ジャーナル フリー

2010 年 58 巻 p. 61-70


The structure of SM Higgs boson is discussed by the set of top quark decay processes in electroweak and quark sectors with newly enlarged equation of motion (Non-Linear Klein-Gordon eq.). Their asymptotic behaviors are mathematically described on an infinitesimal hyperboloid of one sheet in multi-dimensional space. Then mass value of top quark is calculated as 171.26(6) GeV/c2 which is consistent with CDF/D0’s result by minimizing the theoretical top quark mass. And from the difference between the value by assuming that SM Higgs boson is a virtual bound state of top quark-pair ((tt‾)*) itself with the mass formula obtained by requirement of minimal mass production as 171.26(6) √2= 121.10(3) GeV/c2, and the recently obtained theoretical mass value of SM Higgs boson (120.611 GeV/c2), it is expected that SM Higgs boson is to be a composite scalar meson after emitting one photon from the (tt‾)* which will be a vector meson through radiative decay. Finally, a structure of SM Higgs boson mass which is composed of all spin 0 mesons’ masses, is proposed. Where the truncated-Octahedron mass structure is recursively (doubly) seen.

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