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頭蓋内血管性疾患の3次元カラードプラ画像とCT angiographyとの対比
吉田 憲司古市 眞Markus BOERSCHEL中村 三郎清水 英夫
ジャーナル フリー

1998 年 11 巻 3 号 p. 103-106


To visualize the vascular anatomy of the brain, we have developed a system for producing three-dimensional (3D) color Doppler images from a series of two-dimensional color Doppler images. Two-dimensional images of cerebral vessels were digitized, and specially designed software reconstructed the 3D volumes and displayed volume-rendered images of the cerebral vessels during surgery for cases of aneurysm or arteriovenous malformation. Intraoperative 3D color Doppler images represented as cerebral vessels were successfully obtained from both of two patients. Especially in the patient with an aneurysm, 3D color flow images were equal in their displayed features to images obtained by CT angiography. We discuss the possibility of the applying ultrasound 3D imaging in patients with neurosurgical disorders.

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