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Syntax in the Brain
In Consideration for the Discussion of Cerebral Inner World
Kazuhiko SATO
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2021 Volume 57 Pages 1-6


On the one hand, linguists in the field such as generative and cognitive grammar have scarcely discussed how the linguistic knowledge actually exists in the brain. In generative grammar, for example, language acquisition device is thought to be in the black box. However, on the other hand, brain sciences have gradually revealed the structure of the brain and have made many discoveries in the field. One of them is the mirror system in the brain. This paper will show that how the syntactic knowledge can intrinsically exist in the brain is able to be discussed when the discoveries in the brain sciences are considered from the perspective of the discussions which have been held in Sato’s several papers since Sato (1995). Each word can contain the syntax of its own. Predicate words can especially carry the information of the sentence structures. A sentence pattern used for a verb is set by the meaning of the verb and the verb decides the meaning of the sentence in which the verb is used.

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