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Vol. 64 (2017) No. 2 p. 108-112




Eggs of the Nagoya breed of chickens are characterized by a bright cherry blossom-colored eggshell and a thick, full-flavored yolk. The eggshell is covered by white spots of calcium carbonate, while the yolk has a deep color and a higher ratio of yolk weight compared to that of White Leghorn chickens. As for nutritional characteristics, the lipid content of the yolk is significantly higher in Nagoya compared to that in White Leghorn. As for physical characteristics, the yolk viscosity of eggs is higher in Nagoya than that in White Leghorn. Recent findings using an artificial taste sensor revealed the high umami taste intensity of Nagoya egg yolk compared to that of White Leghorn. As for processing properties, the emulsifying ability of the yolk of Nagoya is superior to that of White Leghorn. The hardness and elastic modulus are high in the boiled eggs of Nagoya compared to those of White Leghorn. From these findings, Nagoya eggs are characterized by the yolk. Thus, it is proposed that this characteristic is one of factors responsible for the palatability of eggs of Nagoya chickens.

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