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The former site of the Shitenno-ji Temple site in the medieval period
Nobuhiro MATSUO
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2020 Volume 18 Pages 37-52


 In the vicinity of ShitennojiTemple, built in the Asuka period, ruins from ancient times to the early modern times have been found by excavation.  In the Middle Ages, a city was formed around ShitennojiTemple, and at the end of the 15th century, it was a huge city that was said to have “7,000 houses in Tennoji.”  I used the results of excavations around ShitennojiTemple to examine the appearance of the city around ShitennojiTemple in the Middle Ages.  Wide trenches are found in the eastern and northern parts of ShitennojiTemple, but as the times change, they will be made closer to the precincts.  In addition, it was estimated that the town did not spread due to topographical constraints. Many pillar holes were found in the western part of ShitennojiTemple, and it was estimated that the city was lined with many buildings.  It was assumed that the appearance of the city dates back to the Heian period and was a completed block in the Muromachi period.

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