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Effects of the Artificial CO2 Bathing on the Parkinson's Disease with Autonomic Nerve Disturbance
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1993 Volume 56 Issue 4 Pages 227-234


The effect of the artificial CO2-bathing on the blood pressure in patients with Parkinson's disease with autonomic disorder was investigated and the conclusions were obtained as follows;
1. Regardless of the extent of the autonomic disorder and the contents in the bath, the slight increase in the blood pressure was observed immediatly after the bathing.
2. Systolic blood pressure within 100-150mmHg before the bathing decreased gradually during the bathing and the degree of the decrease was proportional to the extent of the autonomic disorder. The variation of the blood pressere during the bathing was within 30mmHg.
3. Furthermore, when the artificial CO2-bathing liquid was used, the decrease in the blood pressure after the bathing was salient in proportion to the extent of the autonomic disorder and it was observed that the restoration of the blood pressure to the level before the bathing was remarkably delayed compared with the tap water bathing. This phenomenon was similar in patient with Shy-Drager syndrome characterized by severe autonomic disorder.
4. From the above results, it was suggested that the close management of the blood pressure and the attention to the change of position are necessary during and after the artificial CO2-bathing in patient with Parkinson's disease with severe autonomic disorders and patients with Shy-Drager syndrome.

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