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The Study of Stress Relieving Action of Artificial Hot Spring Using Psychologic Sweating Measurement
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1998 Volume 61 Issue 4 Pages 202-207


To clarify a mechanism of psychologic relaxation by artificial hot spring, the effect of hot spring bathing on psychologic sweating was studied in 11 healthy subjects (1 female and 10 males, age 26±5.7 years). After lying in the supine position for 5 minutes, the subjects were asked to take a bath with plain water or artificial hot spring for 5 minutes in the sitting position. The temperature of the bath was 40°C. To prepare the artificial hot spring, sodium sulfate tablet (Tsumura & Co.) was solved in 200L of plain water. For the measurement of psychologic sweating, Perspiro (Suzuken, Co. Ltd) was used. Sensor was attached to the first finger by biphasic adhesive tape. The psychologic sweating was induced by deep respiration, mental arithmetic, hand grip, blood pressure measurement and blood sampling. There were no statistical significant differences of CV value, heart rate, blood pressures, catecholamine values and serum β endorphin levels before and after the bathing. The psychologic sweating markedly decreased after the bathing (11.5±19.6 to 1.1±2.7 for plain water bathing, 14.9±21.9 to 1.6±5.1 for artificial hot spring, N. S.).
The decrease in psychologic sweating after bathing suggests the action of psychologic relaxation by bathing.

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