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The Effects of High Concentration Artificial CO2 Warm Water Bathing for Arteriosclerotic Obstruction (ASO)
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2003 Volume 66 Issue 3 Pages 156-164


The ulcer of the foot induced by arteriosclerotic obstruction (ASO) is poor prognosis that often comes to amputation. In the meantime, the CO2 warm water is reported with that it has the powerful vasodilator action. In this research, it was made that the effects for the foot ulcer using the high concentration CO2 warm water bathing was examined to be a purpose.
The subjects are the 49 cases (average 66-years, male: female=20: 29) degree of Fontaine II-IV. We prepared high concentrated CO2 warm water in approx. 1, 000ppm at 38— technically utilizing an artificial gas-permeable dialysis membrane (MRE-SPA, Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering Co., Ltd.). Using the partial bathing with this CO2 warm water, the progress was observed on the improvement of foot ulcer in the bathing of 10min. as the period, and of 1-2time/day. In addition, the peripheral tissue bloodflow and the transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure in dorsum pedis during the warm water bathing were observed.
The obvious improvement on each case of ulcer was confirmed within several months. The peripheral tissue blood flow (before bathing 1.1±0.5ml/min/100g) was increased after 1min and it rose to 4.4±1.8 after 10min from the beginning to bathing (p<0.01). Afterwards, it immediately returned to the previous value after the end. In the meantime, though the transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure was 40.7±18.3mmHg prior to the bathing, it increases after 10min with 50.7±18.2mmHg (p<0.05), and it was maintained at 50.3±20.8mmHg in 20min after bathing (p<0.01). And, in each Fontaine groups it significantly increase with the peripheral tissue bloodflow and the transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure.
As a conclusion, the partial bathing of the foot with high concentration CO2 warm water is effective as the therapy for the foot ulcer caused by ASO. The mechanism indicated that the rise of transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure and peripheral tissue bloodflow was concerned without relating to the seriousness of ASO.

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