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2014 年 21 巻 1 号 p. 16-23


The ethical guidelines on human genome research was revised in 2013 and we are now on a new stage in the regulation. Because of innovative scientific and technological developments, the number of new issues to be discussed is increasing even after the establishment of the revised guidelines. At least we need broad temporary agreements on the yet unsolved issues. As I mentioned in this article, the most important thing is the establishment of platforms to discuss the arising problems on rapid progress of genome research from diversified standpoints such as technical advancement, social atmosphere, and trends on the use of human genome information in research and medical practices. In this article, I covered the issues on whole genome analysis of HeLa cells and discussed what and how the 'consent' should be, especially focusing on broad consent. These problems remain to be a central issue in the use of human materials and information in science research.

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