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1991 年 1 巻 5 号 p. 44-48


Frequently encountered are cases of perforated ear drum, for whom there is no opportunity of myringoplasty or operation to repair the perforation, owing to work or school. A new method of myringoplasty by intrameatal approach without skin incision and using a homograft of temporal fascia in an outpatient should thus be made available. The results of such myringoplasty in 15 ear cases, ranging in age from 21 to 75 years are presented in the following. The advantages of this treatment are summarized as follows;
1) The operation can be done in an outpatient clinic.
2) The surgical procedure is restricted to only the intrameatal region since obtaining the patients own temporal fascia is not necessary.
3) Local anesthesia of the drum is sufficient for the operation.
4) The patient may drink, eat, and return to work or school immediately following after surgery.
5) The operation can be conducted on patients having general complications since general anesthesia is not required.
However, the success rate of closure of the perforation was 67 per cent in this study. The reasons why the transplanted fascia was not “self” so to speak are considered. Attempts are being made to improve this rate such as by treatment of a homograft and application of fibronectin extracted from the patient's own serum to promote adherence of the graft.

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