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草野 英昭立木 孝村井 和夫千葉 秀樹石川 健
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1995 年 5 巻 5 号 p. 621-626


The patients with noises in the head were studied and compared with those who have monaural or binaural tinnitus.
The subjects were 299 patients, from September 1993 to October 1994, with sensorineural hearing loss with tinnitus. They were divided into three groups.
Group A: 20 (9 males and 11 females) patients with noises in the head.
Group B: 70 (45 males and 25 females) patients with binaural tinnitus.
Group C: 209 (96 males and 113 females) patients with monaural tinnitus.
The results were as follows,
1) The mean age in group A was more than 10 years higher than that in group B and group C.
2) There was no difference in the average hearing level between three groups.
3) The audiograms in group A showed a high tone gradual loss more than those in group B and group C.
4) There was no significant difference in the mean age and average hearing level between group B and group C.
As the results above, noises in the head were somewhat different from tinnitus and were often found in the elderly people. So it is likely that noises in the head have something with degenerative changes with aging.

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