Oyo Buturi
Online ISSN : 2188-2290
Print ISSN : 0369-8009
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Linking advanced medicine and space science through gamma-ray imaging
Challenges for a palm-sized Compton camera
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2019 Volume 88 Issue 11 Pages 730-734


X-ray diagnosis represented by radiographs and CTs provide only two-dimensional monochrome images and do not have color (or energy) information. SPECT and PET are commonly used for nuclear medicine diagnosis, but in recent years, gamma ray imaging in general has been more of a focus in the field of advanced clinical applications. For example, visualizations of nuclear reactions that occur in the body is an urgent task for both proton therapy and internal alpha therapy. Interestingly, the same nuclear reaction is anticipated to occur between cosmic rays and interstellar matter in the universe, and thus may be a major topic for MeV gamma-ray astronomy. In this paper, we review the forefront of gamma-ray imaging using Compton cameras and future prospects as a new bridge connecting space and medicine.

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