Progress of Digestive Endoscopy
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2019 年 94 巻 1 号 p. 119-121


A 22-year-old woman with a history of diarrhea and bloody stools presented at our hospital because of diarrhea, bloody stools, and loss of appetite. Colonoscopy revealed pan-ulcerative colitis. We started treatment with continuous intravenous infusion of prednisolone 40 mg (1 mg/kg), granulocyte apheresis, and oral mesalazine granules (4000 mg). After starting treatment, symptoms promptly improved. The dose of oral prednisolone was decreased to 15 mg/day. Watery stools occurred 5 times per day. The patient wanted to receive Chinese medicine. We requested Hiroshima Sky Clinic to treat the patient with us. Treatment with prednisolone and mesalazine was discontinued, and Hiroshima Chinese medicine was begun. Clinical remission was achieved. The calprotectin level decreased to 37 μg/g. Colonoscopy showed complete mucosal healing. Chinese medicine including natural indigo has side effects. The relevance of use of natural indigo is controversial because of the potential adverse effect. However, Chinese medicine may be useful, and some patients desire such treatment. In the assessment of symptoms on basis of the results of endoscopic and pathological examinations and calprotectin testing, Chinese medicine was effective in our patient.

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