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Initial Results of Hydrogen and Deuterium Beam Ion Simultaneous Transport due to Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode in the Large Helical Device
Shuji KAMIOYutaka FUJIWARAKunihiro OGAWARyosuke SEKIKenichi NAGAOKAHideo NUGASiriyaporn SANGAROONMitsutaka ISOBEMasaki OSAKABEChio-Zong CHENGthe LHD Experiment Group
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2021 Volume 16 Pages 2402044


The behavior of energetic particles (EPs) associated with toroidal Alfvén eigenmode (TAE) activities during the combined injection of hydrogen and deuterium beams was investigated in the Large Helical Device (LHD). The enhanced transports of both proton and deuteron with TAE activities were simultaneously observed by a tangentially viewing and mass and energy resolved neutral particle analyzer (E||B-NPA). At the timing of the TAE bursts with the mode number n = 1, both proton and deuteron were transported to the outboard and observed with the similar energies of 137 - 138 keV. At the peak amplitude of the magnetic fluctuations measured by the Mirnov coils, the mixed frequencies of 64 kHz and 29 kHz were identified, and the observed frequencies did not chirp down. The observed timings of the transported hydrogen and deuterium were just after the magnetic fluctuations of 64 kHz and 29 kHz, respectively. By adapting the cross-correlation analysis, the delay times from the magnetic fluctuation to the detection of EPs by E||B-NPA are estimated to 95 µs and 145 µs for hydrogen and deuterium, respectively. These delays are considered to be the time of the radial transport, and the time delays depended on the velocities of the transported EPs.

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