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Plasma and Fusion Research
Vol. 5 (2010) p. 013



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Experimental investigations of the evolution of the dynamics of drift wave turbulence in a linear high-density helicon plasma device are presented. The turbulent density fluctuations in the plasma edge are characterized by large intermittent events caused by radially propagating turbulent structures, which are formed in the radial plasma density region due to increased cross-field transport by a quasi-coherent drift wave mode. Similar to coherent drift wave modes the turbulent structures are correlated with fluctuating parallel currents. The role of fluctuating currents parallel to the ambient magnetic field in the evolution of coherent drift wave modes and drift turbulence is highlighted by investigations of the interaction of drift wave fluctuations with externally driven currents. Frequency pulling of coherent drift wave modes over a frequency range of up to 30% of the natural drift wave frequency is demonstrated. Furthermore, the drive of mode-selective current patterns allow for complete synchronization of drift wave turbulence and consequently leads to a strong reduction of the associated fluctuation-induced transport.

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