Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology
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Development of Self-Assembling Alternating Amphiphilic Compounds
Takahiro MuraokaNabanita SadhukhanRui LiKazushi Kinbara
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2014 年 27 巻 5 号 p. 557-560


Synthesis and self-assembling properties of alternating amphiphilic compounds 1 and 2 were reported. 1 and 2 are consisting of a hydrophilic hexaol core, a tripentaerythritol unit, bearing two hydrophobic aromatic groups at the both ends. DLS measurements displayed that the amphiphiles form micrometer- to submicrometer-scale aggregates in MeOH, where the aromatic and/or hydrophobic interactions likely plays important roles in the self-assembly. This study demonstrated a utility of the tripentaerythritol unit to develop amphiphilic molecules with self-assembling functions.

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