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Photo-Induced Bacisity Control of A DBU-Diarylethene Complex
Keijirou IkutaKohei IritaniAtsushi ShiraishiTakashi Yamashita
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2020 年 33 巻 1 号 p. 85-90


Photo-irradiation responsible resins have attracted intense interest in research area of photolithographic technology because of their application for semiconductors and organic EL displays. Although photosensitive resins including photoacid generators, which emit acidic moieties by photo-irradiation, have been developed, their utilization are limited because of corrosion of metals and resins due to residual acid. On the other hand, for the fabrication of materials available in long-term, resins containing photobase generators are focused because of prevention of the corrosions. However, there is no example of photobase generator in which strong bases are prepared. For the development of photobase generators, we purposed the investigation of basicity control based on the complexation of photo-isomerization of a diarylethene derivative (BDAE) having boronate ring and 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]-7-undecene (DBU). Although decomposed products were obtained after UV-irradiation to an open-formed isomer of BDAE probably because of oxidative reaction, it was found that the basicity of a solution of a mixture of BDAE and DBU decreased due to complexation of DBU and phenylboronic acid produced by the decomposition of BDAE.

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