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Highly Efficient Solid-State Intra-Track Polymerization of Ethynyl-Substituted Spirobifluorenes Triggered by Swift Heavy Ion Irradiations
Shugo SakaguchiTsuneaki SakuraiAkira IdesakiHiroshi KoshikawaMasaki SugimotoShu Seki
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2020 年 33 巻 1 号 p. 91-96


Acetylenes are the first monomer to polymerize by the energy deposited by ionizing radiations. Herein we report an extremely efficient solid state polymerization of ethynyl-substituted 9,9'-spirobi[9H-fluorene]s (SBFs) via a unique nano-fabrication technique referred to as Single Particle Trigged Linear Polymerization (STLiP) initiated by high energy charged particles. The resulted nanowires of polymerized/crosslinked SBFs show a gradual transformation from flexible to rigid rod-like with an increase in the reaction efficiency mediated by the ethynyl substitution. The overall efficiency of initiation/propagation/crosslinking reactions is remarkably high even in comparison with the primary yield of ionization events in the radiation chemical processes, marking up to G > 80 (100 eV)-1, which is suggestive of efficient chain reactions in the propagation steps. The present results demonstrate efficient solid-state polymerization reactions, which are neither topochemical polymerization reactions nor acid/base catalyzed reactions, expand the versatility of STLiP technique to fabricate 1D nanomaterials based on a variety of organic compounds.

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