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Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B
Vol. 93 (2017) No. 8 p. 525-546




For innovative designs of coastal structures, Numerical Wave Flumes (NWFs), which are solvers of Navier-Stokes equation for free-surface flows, are key tools. In this article, various methods and techniques for NWFs are overviewed. In the former half, key techniques of NWFs, namely the interface capturing (MAC, VOF, C-CUP) and significance of NWFs in comparison with the conventional wave models are described. In the latter part of this article, recent improvements of the particle method are shown as one of cores of NWFs. Methods for attenuating unphysical pressure fluctuation and improving accuracy, such as CMPS method for momentum conservation, Higher-order Source of Poisson Pressure Equation (PPE), Higher-order Laplacian, Error-Compensating Source in PPE, and Gradient Correction for ensuring Taylor-series consistency, are reviewed briefly. Finally, the latest new frontier of the accurate particle method, including Dynamic Stabilization for providing minimum-required artificial repulsive force to improve stability of computation, and Space Potential Particle for describing the exact free-surface boundary condition, is described.

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