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Plant Biotechnology
Vol. 23 (2006) No. 2 P 195-198



Bioinformatics Note

The miniature cultivar Micro-Tom has attracted much attention as a model of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) because it has small size (10–20 cm in height), a short life cycle (70–90 days), and grows well in ordinary laboratory spaces. Recently, expressed sequence tag data and full-length cDNA sequences have been accumulated for Micro-Tom. To provide genomic information resource for Micro-Tom, we constructed the MiBASE database, which can be access via the Internet at http://www.kazusa.or.jp/jsol/microtom/. In addition to sequence information, this database contains information on simple sequence repeats, single nucleotide polymorphisms between other tomato inbred lines, nonredundant sequence sets, gene ontology terms, metabolic pathway names, and gene expression data.

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