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Plant Biotechnology
Vol. 24 (2007) No. 1 P 17-25



Collection of ESTs and building databases for the tomato genomics

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is a model plant of the Solanaceae family. Various biological aspects of tomato have been investigated with molecular biological approaches, and a significant amount of DNA and protein sequencing data on tomato has been accumulated. Recently, the number of tomato genome sequences in the International Nucleotide Sequence Databases has been rapidly increasing due to the progress of the international tomato genome sequencing project. Here, we summarize the current status of tomato genetic and genomic databases currently available in the public domain. The wealth of tomato genetic and genomic information facilitates elucidation of gene functions and metabolic pathways that will lead to the understanding of genetic diversity in the Solanaceae family.

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