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Estimating the flexural rigidity of Arabidopsis inflorescence stems: Free-vibration test vs. three-point bending test
Miyuki T. NakataMao NakaoAsuka DendaYusuke OnodaHaruko UedaTaku Demura
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2020 年 37 巻 4 号 p. 471-474


The mechanical strength of a plant stem (a load-bearing organ) helps the plant resist drooping, buckling and fracturing. We previously proposed a method for quickly evaluating the stiffness of an inflorescence stem in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana based on measuring its natural frequency in a free-vibration test. However, the relationship between the stiffness and flexural rigidity of inflorescence stems was unclear. Here, we compared our previously described free-vibration test with the three-point bending test, the most popular method for calculating the flexural rigidity of A. thaliana stems, and examined the extent to which the results were correlated. Finally, to expand the application range, we present an example of a modified free-vibration test. Our results provide a reference for improving estimates of the flexural rigidity of A. thaliana inflorescence stems.

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