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25. New Species of Foraminifera from Aki-gun, Tosa Province, Japan
Studies on the Fossil Foraminifera from the Neogene of Japan, Part 7
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1936 Volume 1936 Issue 5 Pages 126-130_2


It has been known for many years that some of the Neogene rocks of the coast of Aki-gun, Tosa Province, Japan contain Foraminifera in large numbers though we have no information published about the details of the fauna.
The present article comprises only descriptions of new forms Neogene and recent Foraminifera collected by Prof. H. YABE Mr. S. NOMURA from the district. General accounts of the fossil foraminifera and of the recent forms from the adjacent Tosa Bay will appear in my article entitled, “On Recent Foraminifera found in Tosa Bay and Fossil Foraminifera from the Pliocene of Aki-gun, Tosa Province, Japan”.
At this place I wish to expres my sincere thanks to Prof. YABE for kindly correcting this note before publication and for the suggestions given inc throughout the course of study. Acknowledgements are also due to him as well as Mr. S. NOMURA kindly submitting their collection to my study.

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