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112. On Two Permian Ammonoids from the Kitakanzi Mountains, North Japan
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1940 Volume 1940 Issue 19 Pages 66-71


As is known to us Cephalopods are very rare in the younger Palaeozoic formations of Japan, though Pelecypods and, Gastropods are quite abundant at certain places. Perhaps the following are all what have been recorded of the Palaeozoic Cephalopods of our country.
1. Gastrioceras sp. Lower Carboniferous limestone (Omi limestone), Niigata Prefecture.
2. Protocycloceras cf. cyclophorum WAAGEN. Younger Perinian roofing slate, Kitakami Mountains, North Japan (Miyagi Prefecture).
3. Stacheoceras iwaizakiense MABUTI. Lower Permian limestone, Kitakami Mountains (Miyagi Prefecture).
4. Mctacoceras sp. indet. Perm:an limestone, Kitakami Mountains (Miyagi Prefecture).
Of these four, there are from the Kitakami Mountains region of North Japan where Permian fossils of various forms are very abundantly found, the many species hitherto described being only a fraction. Possibility is very great that sometime many more Cephalopods may be discovered among them.The two ammonoid species to be described in this short note are also from the Permian formations of the Kitakami Mountains region. Specimens are not in a favourable state of preservation, but, certain more important features are preseived, and their being the following species is quite certain:

1. Stacheoceras sp.
2. Paraceltites aff. elegans GIRTY.
Both these fossils have been in my possession for about twenty years. The former was obtained by myself and the latter was presented to me by Mr. G. MBA, an old friend of mine, who had been very successful in collecting abundant Permian and other fossils of various kinds in the southern parts of the Kitakami Mountains. Many of the fossils I have hitherto described from this region belong to the collection of TUBA.

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